Moving to Austin, Tx

SF ----> ATX

And so a new page turns. I'm officially moving to Austin, Tx. The past 6 years living in the bay, has been nothing short of amazing. I grew tons and god has showed me his will in my life. The friends I've made here have shaped who I am and hope continue till the day I die. The friends you make in the bay, you take em to your grave. If you know what I mean. To the grave. I'm super stoked for Austin, but I'll definitely miss the foggy mornings, sunsets that could cause a 6 car pile up, sea breezes that bring you to the beach, forests up the coast and of course, people scowling at you. That last one was a joke. Well thank you all for looking at my blog and your support. I am so thankful for you. I'll continue blogging and taking photos in Austin. Peace to you.